St. Paul Baptist Church of Beaufort, South Carolina

Guide me O’ thou great Jehovah

Pilgrims thro’ this barren land;
I am weak but thou are mighty
Hold me with thy powerful hand;
Whence the healing waters flow;
Let the fiery cloudy pillow
Lead me all my journey through;
When I tread the verge of Jordan;
Bid my anxious fears subside;
Bear me through the swelling current;
Land me safe on Canaan’s side.


          Believing in these words, some of the faithful Christians of this community, who have been having worship service elsewhere perhaps in various homes as they often did in those days, established the design and erected a building and named it Saint Paul Baptist Church.  That was done in Burton, South Carolina in the year of our Lord and Savior, 1885. 

The building was unique. It had a balcony and bell tower and the bell’s ringing signaled death in the community and the call to worship. The choir sang from the balcony.  When lifting the offering the choir marched from the balcony to the lower sanctuary to place their offering on the table at the altar. Usually, the women gave twenty-five cents and men gave fifty cents.

          The first congregation in that building was blessed by the leadership of Reverend Rentie Bythewood.  His services were appreciated and the church prospered.  After Rev. Bythewood, the church was served by the following ministers:  Rev. Ridgedell, Rev. R. Smalls, Rev. P. Green, and Rev. Thomas Haynes.  They all served the Lord and the congregation well.

On October 17, 1937, the largest number (17) of converts were baptized.  When candidates were ready for baptism, they sang “Take Me To The Water” as they marched from the church to Sam’s Creek to be baptized. 

          That building was also used as a public school.  Sarah Brown was the teacher.

In July 1955, this community was deeply saddened when their house of worship, built in 1885, was struck by lightning, caught on fire and completely burned down.

Realizing that they had come this far by faith leaning on the Lord, the membership moved forward and built another building.  In late 1957, the work was completed and the congregation moved into heir new house of worship.

Rev. Francis served in both the old and new building for a total of 15 years until his death in 1966.  Rev. J.H. Larry served until late 1967 and Rev. Harold Enoch Pringle served as interim pastor for a short time.  In February 1968, Rev. Pringle was called as pastor and was installed a few months later.

          After serving the church faithfully for 26 years, Rev. Pringle retired December, 1994.  Minister George Brown was the last person baptized by Rev. Pringle.

          In January 1995, Rev. Thomas L. Williams was called and installed during that year as the Pastor of St. Paul Baptist Church.  During Rev. Williams’ Pastorate, several converts were baptized and members were received by letter and Christian Experience.

          After Rev. Thomas Williams’ departure, Rev. H.E. Pringle served as interim pastor while the church searched for a new pastor.

          In 1996, the church acquired additional property which has increased the assets of the church.

          On January 11, 1998, The Reverend Joe Lee Jordan, Jr., was elected Pastor of St. Paul Baptist Church.  Reverend Jordan delivered his first sermon as St. Paul’s Pastor on Sunday, February 1, 1998 and on Sunday, March 22, 1998, was installed as Pastor.

          Pastor Jordan has put forth his efforts in a very positive way in helping us to follow through with the idea of renovation and improvements to the house of worship including an indoor baptismal pool. (The outdoor baptism pool was built around 1965 and used until 1998.)  His input was greatly appreciated during the revision and adoption of the Church’s revised and amended Constitution, the installation of our new water system, security system, heating and cooling system and sound system.

          On Sunday, February 14, 1999, a special dedication service was held for the church renovation.  Our church bell was refurbished and replaced in its new tower in March 2001.

          Reverend Charlie E. Pearson took office in October of 2002.  During that time members of the Deacons Board were trained and ordained in February 2003, and is now the Deacons Ministry of Saint Paul.  We have converted to an envelope paying system, have on-line banking, installed a video recording system, and various Christian education workshops have taken place. The vestibule was redone and parking bumpers were laid.  The windows were replaced with beautiful stained glass and the sanctuary was painted, which has greatly enhanced its beauty.  He served the congregation until December 2004.

Presently, our Pastor is the Reverend Donald Goodwine, Sr., who was installed on March 6, 2005.  We look forward to many years of services with Pastor Goodwine.  Under his leadership, the membership has continually grown.  In addition, the Leadership Retreat, the Seniors’ Ministry, Sister to Sister, Children’s Church, Hospitality, Benevolence, Transportation Ministries and the Brotherhood were organized.  The Youth Choir was re-organized, one deacon (L. Murray) was ordained into the ministry and three new deacons were ordained in 2006.  The church bus was purchased in September 2006. Two new members of the gospel plow were added when Sis. Joyce Goodwine did her licensing ceremony on February 11, 2007, and Rev. Michael Dantzler joined the body of SPBC in February, 2007. 

          The following deacons were elected by the church and served spiritually and devotedly to the best of their abilities: Sam Brown, Cobra Brown, David Green, Rueben Brown, August Goodwine, Jonas Grant (Chairperson of the Deacon Board), Providence Jenkins, Sr., Providence Jenkins, Jr. Solomon Jenkins (Church Clerk & Superintendent of Sunday School), Gussie Goodwine (Superintendent of Sunday School), Lawrence Singleton, Richard Singleton, Mike Williams, Robert Goethe, Joseph Holmes (Chairman of Deacon Board), Sam Singleton (Church Clerk), Robert L. Singleton, Ulysses W. Jenkins (former Sunday School Teacher and former President of the Trustee Board) and Edward Singleton (former Trustee Board member).  Deacon Sammie Jenkins served on the board from 1993 to 2000. Deacon Louis Murray served until his call to the ministry, April 2005.

          Our present Deacons Ministry include the following: Nathaniel Grant  (Chairman and Superintendent of Sunday School), Samuel F. Goethe (former Church Clerk, Benjamin Goethie , Vice- Chairman, Johnnie Heyward, Douglas Goethie, Tony Mulligan and Graylin Singleton, Sr. (all former Trustee Board members). Deacon Robert Bernard Singleton, our newest deacon was ordained on March 22, 2009.

          Our deceased Trustee Board members are:  Christopher Richardson, Providence Jenkins, III, Julius Washington, Dan Singleton, Frank Holmes, William Francis, Nathan Burns, Albert Mungin and Edward Goethie. Other members were Andrew Singleton, Floyd Hartford, Samuel J. Goethie, Timothy Thurman, Leonard Goethe, Ina Lawson, Douglas Goethie, Stacie Hawkins, Benny Singleton and Paul Fleming.  We honor the memory of Rev. Harold E. Pringle (July 2, 2007) and Deacon Edward Singleton March 17, 2008) as they have gone from labor to reward.

          Our present Board of Trustees are:  Sis. Alma Goethie, Chairman, Richardean Singleton, Vice-Chairman, Patricia Goethe Harris, Secretary; Marshell  Mulligan, Ben A. Goethie, Clifford Goethie, Christopher Bacon and Ron Lewis.  In 2000, Sis. Patricia Goethe Harris was elected our Church Clerk. Presently, our church clerk is Sis. Cynthia Goethe and Sis. Verneal Dunbar is the Assistant Church Clerk.

          The mothers of the church were appointed by the membership and pastor.  The following were mothers of the church:  Katie Green and Josephine Green (who lived to be 104 years old).  Sis. Etta Grant and Rosalee Goethe served as the Church mothers until 2004 when all women 65 years and older were declared mothers.  Sis. Rosalee Goethe serves as chairperson.

          The deceased musicians and choir directors are: Sam Beamer, Lottie Wright, Edward Pazant and Mary V. Goethie.  The former musicians were Marguerite Grant-Hartford, Tamah Veronica Jenkins-Grant, Edward Ray, and Douglas Rudolph.

          Our present musicians are Jamie Fleming, Scott Gibbs and Yvonne DeLoach. The church presently has a Senior Choir, Adult Choir, Inspirational Choir, Youth Choir and the H.E. Pringle Male Chorus. The CEP and RG Sunbeam Choir was organized in 2003 and joined in with the youth choir in March 2004. Tony JaVon Mulligan is the drummer with Douglas Goethie, Jr. assisting on guitar and keyboard for the Adult and Youth Choirs.

          In the past, communion service was held every other third Sunday of the month so that we could commune with other sister churches, First Jericho Baptist Church and Third Macedonia Baptist Church.  Refreshments were served on Communion Sunday by the Charity Board.  The 3rd Sunday in October was Camp Meeting and was held in the churchyard.  There was plenty of food for all.  Church conference was held every first Sunday.

          In 1995, St. Paul began having worship service every Sunday beginning with Sunday School at 9:45 AM and worship service beginning with devotional services at 11:00 AM.  Conference was held quarterly on the first Monday through December 2008.  Currently SPBC Retreat is held quarterly on the second Saturday and SPBC church family meetings are scheduled twice a year (June and December).

          The former Sunday School teachers were Marguerite Smalls, Easter Grant, Ulysses W. Jenkins, and Patricia Goethe Harris.

          The present Sunday School teachers are: Benjamin Goethie, Carol Smalls, Douglas Goethie, Alma Goethie, Edrina Dilligard, Verneal Dunbar, Cynthia Goethe, Sharria Johnson, Aline Rudolph, Sandra Murray, Director, and Nathaniel Grant, Superintendent. Church School/Christian Education is under the direction of Min, J. Goodwine and Sis. E.J. Gray

                   As we reflect on our church’s history and this building, let us be mindful of the words found in this familiar hymn:

 I love  thy Kingdom Lord,
The house of thine abode.
The church our blest Redeemer saved
With His own precious blood.

 I love thy church, O God,
Her walls before thee stand.
Dear as the apple on Thine eye,
And graven on Thy hand.

 For her my tears shall fall,
For her my prayers ascend.
To her my cares and toils be given
Till toils and cares shall end.

Revised 4-11-97, E.J. Gray, Secretary, A.S. Rudolph, S.J. Murray. 
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